27August2015 [TRANS] JYJ Facebook Update: Yuchun’s Farewell Message


Hello. It’s Yoochun.

By the time this post goes up, I’ll probably be at the army training camp already, right? Um.. Do you mind if I drop the honorific tone? [T/N: He starts to use the ‘informal’ tone, which is commonly used amongst friends] Since we’ve known each other for so long~^^

Um. Before entering the training camp, I hadn’t put that much thought into the fact that I was going to the army. It only started to hit me when I was doing photoshoots and interviews, when I started to think ‘Oh, I’m going to the army, I’m not going to be working for a while… I’ve never taken a break from work for this long…’ For a while, I knew that I would have to fulfil my enlistment duties around this time. Though that time has come, I don’t think it’s really sunken in yet. I’ve decided not to have any regrets before I go. I heard that many fans wanted to ask me what I regret the most before I enlist, but I think it will be better for me to focus on the things I’m grateful for, rather than the things I regret because you can never go back in time to fix those regrets. I’m lucky to have gotten so much love, and to have been happy with the work I do. I’m so thankful ^^

I wanted you to know that although I’m not great at expressing myself and I’m a man of few words, my heart’s always understood and felt everything (between us). Thank you so much.

Now, I’m going to answer some of your questions. I’ve chosen a few from the questions you’ve sent me. What if I hadn’t been a celebrity? I think I would have become a lyricist, or maybe a writer…? Hm.. I think so, yes. A lot of you asked me what kind of food I’ll miss when I’m in the training camp, and Jaejoong told me that whatever you eat while you’re there will taste delicious. I don’t think I’ll miss a certain dish or anything while I’m there.. Regarding the question about what production I want to work on when I get back from the military, hm.. I had a drink with (Seol) Kyung Gu recently, and I told him that I really want to film a movie with him when I get back. I really want to work with him because he’s an actor I have so much to learn from, and he’s always been so warm and kind to me. The person I’ll miss most will always be my father. I’ve never stopped missing him because the older I get and the more responsibilities I have, the more I want to meet with him and ask him questions, but he’s not here. The assignment I leave for my fans while I’m gone is health and happiness! I want to learn Chinese and I want to read a lot of books.

Now, I think I’ve answered enough questions, right..? Our Jaejoong… he said he wanted to apply for leave and see my face for the last time before I go, but we ended up just talking on the phone. I want to tell him how proud I am of him, and Junsu, my member and friend who I really like, I know you’ll feel lonely by yourself but be strong and keep going.

Our fans, thank you so much and with your support, I’ll return safely. It was great seeing you yesterday, the day before my enlistment, as I was filled with both a sense of calmness and anticipation. It’s nice because I’ll be able to meet new people and experience new things. Although we won’t be able to see each other for a bit, no, a while, I hope we’re able to enjoy this time apart and meet again just a little more mature. Goodbye~~~~~~~~~!!!! ^^


Source: [JYJ’s Facebook page]
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16April2016 [MAGAZINE/OTHERS] 7 of the Prettiest Korean Actors We’re Currently Crushing On : No. (5) Park Yoo-Chun

These pretty boys have us head over heels.

Fact: Koreans love to take good care of their skin—and don’t get us wrong, we’re not just talking about the girls.

Unlike most men, guys in South Korea are neither scared nor ashamed to admit that they use beauty products. In fact, several known cosmetics brands like Etude House, The Face Shop, Skin Food and Tony Moly even use popular actors as their celebrity endorsers because they’re, well, too pretty. One of them is Descendants of the Sun’s Soong Jong-Ki who’s currently taking the K-drama world (and social media) by storm with his baby face and killer smile. But just to state the obvious, he’s not the only one.

Get to know seven swoon-worthy Korean actors we are currently crushing on below.

5. Park Yoo-Chun


Also a member of the South Korean pop group, JYJ, the multi-talented Park Yoo-Chun launched his acting career in 2010. He started with minor roles but soon after gained recognition for his performance in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince where he received his “Most Popular Actor in TV Drama” award. But other than his acting chops, how about we talk about the obvious? Because we’re pretty sure it’s his good looks that landed him an endorsement contract with South Korean cosmetics brand Tony Moly.

6. …

7. …

How about you? Which Korean cutie are you crushing on?

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12April2016 [PIC/NEWS] “Heartwarming Brothers”… Park Yuchun.Park Yuhwan, a happy tea time captured


Group JYJ Park Yuchun and actor Park Yuhwan brothers had a happy teatime with friends.

On April 12, Park Yuhwan shared the photo of his pleasant tea time with friends and brother Park Yuchun on his Instagram.

Park Yuchun-Park Yuhwan brothers drew attention because of their unique flour skin. In Particular, Park Yuchun’s overflowing playful image is memorable.


[Photo capture : Park Yuhwan Instagram]

Source : mydaily.co.kr

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27February2016 [NEWS+VIDEO] ‘Law of the Jungle’ Park Yuhwan received surprise letter from Park Yuchun and thanked him for being a father-like brother to him

[VIDEO]: ‘Law of the Jungle’ Park Yuhwan received surprise letter from Park Yuchun and thanked him for being a father-like brother to him


Park Yuchun sent a handwritten to his actual younger brother Park Yuhwan who underwent hardships in the jungle, on SBS variety program ‘The Law of the Jungle in Panama’ that aired February 26th.

On this day, it was the last day where the production crew told Byung-man tribe, “We have gifts” when they finished their jungle survival; and offered out envelopes. Right in the envelopes, there were letters sent by Byung-man tribe’s family members.

For Park Yuhwan, a letter arrived with ‘Jingle-Jingle’ written on it. Park Yuhwan was moved to tears, receiving a letter from his older brother and JYJ member Park Yuchun who’s in the middle of his military service. He lost control before even reading its contents and asked [Fly to the Sky’s] Hwan-hee to recite it instead.

In Park Yuchun’s letter read out loud: “Yuhwan-ah~ It is (your) hyung! First of all, I congratulate you wholeheartedly on your first variety. You’re on ‘Law of the Jungle’ that I really like…I really like it. Are you in the jungle?”

Continuing, there contained, “It’s embarrassing that this is the first letter that I’m writing to you but I hope you had time to finish your exhausting day well (while reading) through this letter,” and, “Hyung doesn’t know how I can help you right now but… Hyung is working diligently at my post (in Gangnam District Office currently). You try to work hard too. At any time, don’t break (anything [i.e. limbs]), don’t get hurt, and even if you aren’t able to walk while in pain. Keep thinking of your family who are supporting you and stay strong~ I love you so much. You went through really a lot of trouble all day long, today”.

He then evoked laughter, jotting down: “Your hyung in the District Office, Park Yuchun”.

Sources: TV Daily + Asiae
Video credit: DC PYC via 朴有天-Taiwan Only Yuchun
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[NEWS] Park Yoo Hwan tearfully thanks brother Yoochun for being like his father


In the last episode of SBS’s ‘Law of the Jungle in Panama’ on February 26, actor Park Yoo Hwan shed tears as he talked about his brother, Yoochun, who was the fatherly figure in his life.

The production crew had presents prepared for the cast members, and these gifts were none other than letters from their family. As Park Yoo Hwan read his letter from his brother, Yoochun, who’s in the army right now, he could not help but shed tears.

Opening up, he explained, “My father passed away three years ago. I was close to my father, but in America, my parents divorced, and I was unable to spend a lot of time with my father. My brother was like my father. I’m very sorry and thankful.”

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24February2016 [FAN] A GIFT of LOVE From the CREATOR and a DONATION of LOVE from a GENEROUS FAN for all!

Last year, when the “SNOOPY in LOVE” exhibition was held in Lotte Seoul, I missed it by a few days as I was in Busan at that time. I read Peanuts comics when I was young and of course, Snoopy is one of my fave characters. I even played Snoopy game on ipad.

I was very very thrilled when I learnt that to commemorate Snoopy’s 65th birthday, there was a project in Korea for celebrities and well known people to write a message and these figurines will be auctioned off for Charity. I was even more excited to know that Yuchun is one of the artist involved.

I always have happy and special moments when I visit Korea whether it is for business or leisure. (I will be sharing them in a Chunsa Magazine soon). I was truly blessed last week when a GENEROUS fan(s) who had successfully bid for Yuchun’s Snoopy donated it to Gangnam Tourist Center. I could not contain my excitement and no matter what I have to try to make this visit to look at “HIM” eye to eye and take loads of pictures.

Photo Collage Maker_qmEVAN

On a cold winter late morning, I had my dream fulfilled (or half!.. did not meet the artist but SNOOPY). I was told I would have spotted Yuchun if I had made the trip 2 days earlier… sigh.. a Chunsa told me that I always miss bumping into him and one day my timing will be right!

He was adorable, tall and holding a beautifully painted heart by Park Yuchun. I really could not believe I am able to stand next to SNOOPY or maybe I should say I could not believe that I am standing next to something precious that was lovingly hand painted by Yuchun. As good things are to be shared, here are some of the pics of Snoopy from Gangnam tourist center. I spent half an hour with HIM as there was no one there.

Oh.. BTW.. selfies are not possible unless you have a very long selfie stick. Snoopy is really BIG the fact that he is against a wall, it is very difficult to take a selfie. I had to wait for a kind visitor to help me take a photo.

ENJOY the pics as much as I did taking them!


Photo Collage Maker_RhFXu9

Photo Collage Maker_dkjW08

Photo Collage Maker_PjG9sR


Yuchun’s Signature


I Love You

Yuchun’s Signature


Pic Credit : @Beanie6002

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17February2016 [INFO] JYJ Park Yuchun’s 6002 Snoopy at the Gangnam Tourist Information Center


The Snoopy hugging a heart designed by JYJ Park Yuchun has arrived at Gangnam Tourism Information Center.

This was made last summer for Snoopy’s 65th birthday exhibition. The fan who bid successfully for this figure wishes for it [to be seen by more people!] and donated it to Gangnam Tourism Information Center.

The surface of the heart being hugged by Snoopy is a pastel art of “6002” drew by Park Yuchun, and the back has his signature.

(although you cannot see his signature at the back directly, we have taken a photo to show you)

The figure will be a permanent exhibition on 1F of Gangnam Tourism Information Center.

We sincerely hope to see you here.

<Gangnam Tourism Information Center Business Hour>

10:00 ~ 19:00 (every day)

* Due to the characteristic of the figure, touching it may hurt the art itself so we appreciate if you refrain from touching Snoopy.

Source: Gangnam Tourist Information Center
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12February2016 [VIDEO+TRANS] OBS News: Song Ok Suk “Park Yuchun is a dedicated actor who’s good at acting”

Actress Song Ok Suk pointed out Park Yuchun as the junior who is memorable to her.

OBS ‘Unique Entertainment News’ met actress Song Ok Suk who is captivating viewers’ hearts with her exceptional presence, and got to hear about her long-acting career.

She recollected about which colleagues and juniors remains in her memories particularly while acting together with her.

Song Ok Suk said, “A friend like Park Yuchun works really hard and I feel as though his acting ability improves every time I watch him,” commending how he makes an effort more than anyone else.

Source: OBS News
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Video Credit: 朴有天-Taiwan Only Yuchun
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06February2016 [TRANS] Park Yoochun “The Girl Who Sees Smells” Japan Interview! ‘Laughed too hard during filming that many NGs occurred’


This time, in commemoration of the Blu-ray&DVD release, the interview addressed towards the Japanese fans has arrived. He talked about his co-stars, the secret stories from the shooting and about the “analgesia” acting.

― Your appearance on “The Girl Who Sees Smells” was decided, reading the synopsis and script, what were your impressions/thoughts (on it)? 

Yoochun: The people who watch the drama may or may not have felt this but I am shooting by choosing a different method than my works up till now. The first time I read the synopsis and script, I had a dark image for the main character Mugak. Therefore, I was worried if a person like Mugak who carries the pain in his heart, which he experienced in the past can be connected well together with a comedic element. Furthermore, Mugak is set to have lost all his sensations, how do I convey it so it’s understandable, I was considerably troubled and I found myself worried earlier, at the time of the start.

― Please introduce regarding the role you acted, Choi Mugak.

Yoochun: He is a young detective and, originally was a bright young man appropriate of his age. After loosing his parents early, he was happily living with his one and only younger sister however, one day, the younger sister was involved in an incident and passed away. Since then Mugak lost his sensations and smile, his personality became blunt but, after meeting Oh Chorim (Shin Sekyung’s role), his sensation and smile is gradually regained. He is such a person.

― Are there any similarities in Choi Mugak and Park Yoochun’s personality etc.? 

Yoochun: There is a similar aspect. When I act always, I am of those who influences the role with his own personality or form. Because I think that this way at the time of acting mundane scenes, it is seen with a more natural feel to it. While doing  trial and error, I face the shooting. The comical scene in which meeting Chorim and regaining the smile, I couldn’t act if i didn’t push out my own personality to the forefront. I felt like as Mugak, even saying a gag won’t be funny so, I acted by putting out my natural personality.

― This is your first time co-starring with Shin Sekyung, the time when you first heard (that she is your) co-star, what did you think about it? In addition, how was it acting alongside with her in reality?

Yoochun: I met Shin Sekyung for the first time at the script reading. If you see the works she has appeared in till now, they are of a dark and mysterious image. The movie “Hindsight” left an impression and, I think that image of the role was overlapped. (T/N: i.e. that dark image of SSK had remained in Yoochun’s head) However, meeting her in reality, (she is) healthy and bright, maybe it is because more than anything she debuted in child roles, she is polite and does not say selfish (things) and, even if it is hard (she has it in her) to endure very patiently. For me, there are many things for which I think I am thankful for (towards her). We worked together smoothly, it was fun and the reaction was good as well right. To say reaction, it is not the reaction of the acting but before the performance or rehearsal, the time of the casual daily life conversations. Her reactions are good that’s why I as well enjoy talking (to her). She is such a woman[/person].

― Others, NamGoong Min and Yoon Jinseo starred as the main cast but other than in  the acting of the 4 main cast, were there any episodes? 

Yoochun: In any case, shooting was very enjoyable. At the (shooting) location, unrelated to the characters being acted out or the atmosphere of the shooting location, we were considerate of each other. NamGoong Min listened well to (what) I had to say. At the time of the shooting, when i’m listening to various opinions, he from a position of a senior would answer with, “Yoochun, doing it this way is good.” Yoon Jinseo has appeared in many movies up till now and, amongst the movies she has a mysterious and a bit suspicious image. However, in reality she laughs a lot and, you can come in contact with her comfortably. Speaking of episode, just now i mentioned this in the Press round-table conference as well, there is many NG at the shooting location. NG occurs because of laughing too hard. I think of this as an enjoyable thing. Mistaking while saying the dialogues or in the case of a NG occurring due to becoming nervous after continuing an all nighter, there is a time when you become a bit sullen, but NG occurring (due) to laughing hard improves the location’s atmosphere. I believe it is a fortunate thing and that it is really good that I have become able to do this work.

“In the Comical scenes, you can see my forms that have never been seen before.”


― There was a scene in which you do a comedic dialogue with Shin Sekyung as well, the gag with the wig form became a hot topic. Though we have heard a rumor that there was very few NG, how was the filming?  

Yoochun: There were very few NG. It was a scene in which NG should not occur. Though an actor has to memorise the dialogue of the script and act along smoothly together with the costar, when a NG occurs and then the repeated saying of the dialogue several times,[because of this] there is a case that the first fresh feeling or the impact gets lost. Comical scenes in particular, freshness is important so, we were careful of NG. I feel fortunate that (we) were able to do it as aimed.

― At the ending of the drama, the NG scenes with Yoon Jinseo aired, are there any episodes from the filming of that scene?

Yoochun: That was across the glass and lighting hits from the rear, it can not be seen from me. In the beginning she as well looked puzzled. When I did the gag moderately during rehearsal but in the actual performance did it intensely, she said, “modify it so that i am able to act.” It was a filming while laughing. If i’m not mistaken, that was the first thing in the morning and, everyone was sleepy and dazed off but thanks to Yoon Jinseo laughing, the nervousness at the location came untied and it seemed to have gone well.

Note: NG scene clip, here, the scene referred to starts at 0:33 to 0:41

― It was mentioned in the conversation just now as well but, Mugak does not have any sensation. Because he is Insensible (T/N: Mukankaku 無感覚 in Japanese, and Mukamkak 무감각 in Korean(he is called) “Mugak” ?

Yoochun: Yes, it is like that.

― In the drama, though even when Mugak was hit with a chair by a criminal there was not even one change in complexion, in acting of not feeling pain, were there any hard times? 

Yoochun: It was very hard to do. Even if i want to express it with natural acting, only this I have never experienced so, acting as well, it somewhat wouldn’t come out nicely and it felt unnatural as well. Even at the time when filming for the hand to hand fighting scene in the video for the title use, I was told “as much as possible (do it) expressionless.” However, that doesn’t go the way you think. I struggled considerably. I am glad to have been able to overcome it well. Entering in the latter half, such scenes were less so, I thought I should show it in the times of having to show. I was able to express it to some degree no?

― Through “The Girl Who Sees Smells” are there any parts in which actor Park Yoochun has matured?  Or, are there any parts where you felt it was worth doing?

Yoochun: More than anything through this work, I believe the sense of distance of the acting roles has narrowed and, in the comical acting or daily life scenes, i made an earnest effort so it appears natural as much as possible. Additionally, I do not know the final judgement but it seems like it is accepted by the audiences. I am extremely satisfied with that point.

― Please give your message and the drama’s highlight towards the Japanese fans.

Yoochun: Honestly speaking, in the case of me acting a character in a drama, thinking about the flow from the beginning to the end, I act while giving a connection but in “The Girl Who Sees Smells,” I am acting considerably with variations, completely like an omnibus, like changing the switch. Wouldn’t it be enjoyable if you try and take note of that? In the comical scenes in particular, you can see  my never before seen forms, please anticipate it.

Source: Kstyle News
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